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Quantum Realty Services Ltd.

"More than just Property Management!" 

Successfully Managing Your Investment

"There is much more to real estate investment than simply buying properties and finding tenants to rent them."

Without adequate knowledge of the Timmins and area rental property market, management of properties can easily become very challenging.

Investors might find themselves with properties that are difficult to rent, or,

properties with low appreciation value over time.

As professionals in the property management business we like to develop an ongoing partnership with our clients, helping them profit from their Timmins and area rental investments over the long run.

Quantum Realty Services Ltd. offers a wide range of property management solutions;

We oversee multi-tenant buildings, commercial properties, fully furnished executive suites and single family homes. We take care of repot management for financial institutions,

we also manage flipping projects, rent to own and tenant screening for already established property owners.

We use legal property management documents created for Quantum Realty Services Ltd. and customize our contracts to accommodate our client's needs.

Quantum Realty Services Ltd. will ensure you get the optimal return from your rental investment properties.

We do more than just rent apartments, we manage them. We ensure that your investment is managed to its fullest potential we take pride in our business and stand strong behind its name. 

You have properties in need of expert management?

Let Quantum Realty Services Ltd. lease and manage those properties for you.